Ever dream of being a Captain of your own Boat? 

Let us help you make that dream come true. Rent a pontoon boat from Jackson Lake Marine Boat Rentals and you are the captain! We provide you with instruction on the proper use of the vessel, maps of the area, and all safety gear and equipment are included with your rental. Pontoon Boats are a great way for the entire family to spend the day together. The relaxed pace and beautiful views capture the attention of all age groups. Pack a lunch and your favorite beverage and come see us at Jackson Lake Marine Boat Rentals. We strive on keeping our boats in like new condition, We want your boat rental experience to be one that you enjoy and by making sure the boats are clean and in good working order is one way we do that. We hope your family will return to Lake Jackson year after year like many of our customers do. When you rent a pontoon boat from Jackson Lake Marine Boat Rentals, you will see the care we put into our boats. We put ourselves in our customer’s position: if we were renting a boat, how would we expect it to look and perform. Top Notch is the answer and you will see that our boats are definitely that. Our boats are docked in the central part of Lake Jackson at Barry’s Marina, right off of Hwy. 212. You can spend your time enjoying the sights and wildlife, enjoying swimming and water sports, instead of spending the day driving to and from the Marina from the opposite end of the lake. We look forward to seeing your family and friends the next time you decide to rent a pontoon boat at Lake Jackson.